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GECI l.t.d has in its ownership more than 150 mechanisms, tools and machineries which make it posible to have successful conducted projects in the construction field:
• Asphalt producing factory
• Concrete producing factory
• Inert producing line
• Heavy excavation machinery, excavators with different capacities
• Vehicles of different tonnages, mainly over 25 tons.
• Machinery and equipment for the construction of road and asphalt layers (asphalt pavers and vibrating rollers of various types, bitumen dispersants, various measuring instruments).
• Machines for leveling and loading (trucks, bulldozers, diggers, JBC).
• Heavy and light tonnage trailers, trucks, water trucks, trucks for transport and fuel storage.
• Static and mobile mixer for concrete production and transport.
• Static and mobile machine repair service.
• A considerable number of equipment such as: static load test instrument, road data measuring instrument, three-phase and single-phase generator, water pumps, matrapik, mixers, vibrator, apparatus welding, equipment for plastic connection, scaffolding, etc.