Leading the right ways in the field of construction

In the field of construction
The main activity of the company GECI Sh.p.k is in the field of infrastructure construction. GECI sh.p.k has started the activity in 1994 and during this period has successfully concluded contracts of various natures mainly in:
- Road constructions, highways, bridges, asphalting system, road maintenance, landfill constructions, etc.
- Civil and industrial constructions, reconstructions of buildings, equipping with relevant electrical, sanitary installations, etc.
- Water supply construction, water storage, transmission and supply lines, sewerage, etc.
The company GECI sh.pk has in its ownership more than 200 mechanisms, tools and machinery, which make possible the realization successfully of projects in the field of construction.
During its several-year activity of various projects, GECI sh.p.k has built over 500km of national roads, bridges, overpasses and various underpasses, with a turnover of over 200 million Euros in the field of infrastructure.

In the field of Hospitality - Tourism
Since 2004, GECI sh.pk has been one of the main shareholders of "Tirana International Hotel & Conference Center".
In 2011, GECI sh.pk, with sole owner Mr. Ram Geci, bought 100% of the shares. According to the assessment conducted by international companies, the total value of Tirana International Hotel & Conference Center is over 50million Euros.
Tirana International Hotel & Conference Center offers services in:
Event and Conference Organizations
SPA Center: Fitness, Swimming Pool, Sauna etc.

Not just construction

A considerable number of equipment such as: instrument for static load tests, instrument for measuring road data, three-phase and single-phase generator, water pumps, matrapik, mixers, vibrators, welding apparatus, equipment for plastic connection, scaffolding, etc.

Successful in other areas

Since 2004 GECI Sh.pk has been one of the main shareholders of the largest Hotel and Conference Center in Albania, "Tirana International Hotel & Conference Center".

Elite projects

During its activity of several years GECI Sh.p.k has built over 400 km of national roads, about 500 m of linear bridges of various spaces, and a turnover of over 100 million Euros in the field of infrastructure.

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