Our Tools


GECI L.t.d owes more than 150 mechanisms, machineries and equipments that enable the successful implementation and execution of all construction projects:
  • Asphaltic production factory.
  • Betony production factory.
  • Inert production lines.
  • Heavy excavation machineries, excavators of different capacities.
  • ┬áMachineries of different tonnages, mainly over 25 ton.
  • Machineries and devices for auto layer construction and asphaltic (asphaltic layers and vibrating rollers of different types, devices for the bitumen spread, different measuring instruments.)
  • Loading and flattening vehicles of different capacities (bulldozers, diggers, JBC).
  • Heavy and light tonnages tugboat, auto crane,water holders, trucks for transport and fuel storage.
  • Movable and stationary auto service used to repair vehicles and Stationary & moveable machines.
  • A considerable number of other vehicles andmechanisms such us: static plate road test, road measurement acquisition system, mono-phase and three-phase generator, water pumps, picks, mixers, welding apparatus devices, devices used for plastic pipe coupling, scaffolding etc.