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To complete its projects, GECI L.t.d has very qualified, experienced and highly committed staff in execution and projecting. The directing and technical staff consists of 22 people that monitors and directs the implementation of the work that the company performs. In this number are included engineers of different areas:

•Road construction,

•Civil and industrial constructions,

•Electrical construction,

•Hydro technical constructions,

•Geological constructions,

•Mechanical work,

•Topographic work, Furthermore,

GECI L.t.d has in its staff mechanicals and specialists with a long expertise in implementation. To execute its projects and to complete the contractual agreements, the company has an average of 200 employees. While in certain periods when intensive works take place, the number of employees exceeds 500. GECI L.t.d, to manage its activities in construction and hospitality field, has many departments where are employed: financiers, lawyers, economists, marketers etc.