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“Geci” Ltd buys all shares’ 15-Stores “

Since 2004 GECI L.t.d has been one of the main shareholders of the largest Hotel and Conference Centre in Albania, “Tirana International Hotel & Conference Center”. In 2011, GECI L.t.d with the sole proprietorship of Mr. Ram Geci bought 100% of the shares of Tirana International Hotel & Conference Centre. According to the evaluation of […]


Some facts about us

Tirana International Hotel & Conference Centre is owned and managed by “Geci” Ltd since 2011, owned and overall management of Mr. Ram Geci. Founded in 1994, “Geci” Ltd is one of the biggest construction company in Albania, the main activity in the construction and infrastructure.


We are landmark

GECI L.t.d owes more than 150 mechanisms, machineries and equipments that enable the successful implementation and execution of all construction projects: •Asphaltic production factory. •Betony production factory •Inert production lines •Heavy excavation machineries, excavators of different capacities. •Machineries of different tonnages, mainly over 25 ton. •Machineries and devices for auto layer construction and asphaltic (asphaltic […]