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We are landmark

GECI L.t.d owes more than 150 mechanisms, machineries and equipments that enable the successful implementation and execution of all construction projects:
•Asphaltic production factory.
•Betony production factory
•Inert production lines
•Heavy excavation machineries, excavators of different capacities.
•Machineries of different tonnages, mainly over 25 ton.
•Machineries and devices for auto layer construction and asphaltic (asphaltic layers and vibrating rollers of different types, devices for the bitumen spread, different measuring instruments.)
•Loading and flattening vehicles of different capacities (bulldozers, diggers, JBC).
•Heavy and light tonnages tugboat, auto crane,
water holders, trucks for transport and fuel storage.
•Movable and stationary auto service used to repair vehicles and Stationary& moveable machines.
•A considerable number of other vehicles and
mechanisms such us: static plate road test, road measurement acquisition system, mono-phase and three-phase generator, water pumps, picks, mixers, welding apparatus devices, devices used for plastic pipe coupling, scaffolding etc.